ImaJenAtion Photography | Alton Dance Academy 2018

Alton Dance Academy

2018 Picture Week

May 14th - 19th

Welcome! This page has been created to help with providing information in regards to the upcoming picture week for Alton Dance Academy! What you will find here, is the brochure that displays the pricing of all items, the paperwork that needs to be filled out for participation in the picture week, as well as tips for making sure you and your dancer is prepared for the week. 

The following is the schedule for picture week.

We have arranged the schedule specifically to either photograph the dancers at the beginning of the class or at the end of the class to minimize the interruption of class time. If you are scheduled at the beginning of the class time (which most are) and have the ability to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to allow time for your dancer to get dressed, we encourage you to. We want this to run as smoothly as possible, and it can be quite busy and crazy in the dance studio lobby during picture week. So PLEASE when you arrive, make a point of checking in with the photography table FIRST!

Downloadable version click HERE

ADA Picture Week Schedule 2018ADA Picture Week Schedule 2018

The following is the pricing brochure.

The following are some questions that we do tend to get every year, and this may help to clear things up:

1. Do I have to purchase a package?

     A. No, you do not need to purchase a package. You can certainly just purchase an individual sheet, collage, or miscellaneous other item. The individual pricing is $15 per sheet. (If you purchase 2 sheets of 1 pose it is cheaper to buy a package and you will receive a complimentary team 5x7 print).

2. What does the "pose 1, 2, 3" mean for the packages?

   A. This means # of classes. So if your dancer is in 2 classes, and you want a package of each of them. Then you would want "2 pose" packages. It does not mean that we will print 2 packages of 2 different poses done in 1 class. However, exceptions can be made, so please indicate to us BEFORE they are photographed, that is what you would like and we can make it happen! 

Downloadable version click HERE

Bi-Fold Brochures Dance-2Bi-Fold Brochures Dance-2

The following is the Terms and Conditions/Class Checkoff List. 

This as well as the pricing brochure will be handed out to each dancer prior to picture week. If you have misplaced it, we are providing it here so that you are able to access it to print out, fill out and have ready on your designated picture day. There is no need to fill this out for every picture day if your dancer is in multiple classes. This is what the checklist is for. Please make sure you are aware of the schedule, and when your dancer will be photographed. Only check off on the list when you want them to be photographed separately. If you are purchasing a collage, please write a 'C' instead of a check mark, and we will know to make sure to photograph multiple poses within one class if needed.

You will notice on the bottom of the form there is a notation for photographs with siblings. It is very important that with noting on this form, please let Miss Ashley or one of the girls assisting with outfits know when you first arrive if not sooner so they can have both outfits ready to go for your children. 

Downloadable version click HERE

Dance Studio Products Terms and Conditions & Checklist-1Dance Studio Products Terms and Conditions & Checklist-1 Dance Studio Products Terms and Conditions & Checklist-2Dance Studio Products Terms and Conditions & Checklist-2

Tips to help with picture week

  • Make sure your dancer arrives with light makeup and hair complete
  • Ensure that your dancer has proper tights and shoes with them. This is a great opportunity to also make sure they are all set for recital, and you won't have to worry about getting these items at the last minute. 
  • If you dancer is under the age of 13, a parent or guardian needs to be in attendance at the studio. 
  • Arrive on time for your dancers class. If you are scheduled for pictures at the beginning of class, and are able to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early you are encouraged to do so. 
  • When you arrive, check in with the photography booth FIRST to ensure we are aware your dancer is being photographed. Have your Terms and Conditions/Class Check off list filled out and ready to go. We will fill out a final receipt with the items you would like to purchase.